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Here and there

I like finding beauty no matter where I am. This blog is a collection of my adventures, captured with my 5D II.

I am an Edmonton-based photographer, and 100% of my photos posted here are taken by me.

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Picture-taking, Mexico City.

Still one of my fav Mexico shots.
This street <3
Picture-taking, Mexico City.
Everything is made of cement, and very colourful. I love Mexico.
The colours and details of this city get me every time.
Red car, white car.
Downtown Mexico City.
Hanging laundry.
Leaving the church, Mexico City.

fgrphoto replied to your photo “Mangoes.”

Did you try mango with tajin or chamoy?

Hi! I may have at some point, but honestly, I don’t get mangoes in Canada like I get them in Mexico, so I wanted mine plain!