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Here and there

I like finding beauty no matter where I am. This blog is a collection of my adventures, captured with my 5D II.

I am an Edmonton-based photographer, and 100% of my photos posted here are taken by me.

If you're following, thank you so much. I don't know what I'd do without all your loyal likes and reblogs! However, I don’t follow people who post nudity, and I only follow original photographers.

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End of the journey.
Welcome back!

Thank you :D Happy to be back!

This is my baby.
And onto another camping trip.
I am freaking back!!!!! I got a new laptop!!! 
Please accept this as my humble offering while I am away from Tumblr. I hope to be back as soon as Friday, if my new laptop comes as predicted!!!

Bad news. My macbook’s logic board died and I am now without a laptop until further notice. Posting may not happen at all until my new one comes in :/


I’ve been liking the shots I’ve been getting lately at Festival Place. This is Pascal Miousse from the Acadian group Vishtèn.

I have another blog. 
Just covered.
Fall walk.
Mountains, in black and white.
I have so many photos from the summer left to post, it's not even funny.