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Here and there

I like finding beauty no matter where I am. This blog is a collection of my adventures, captured with my 5D II.

I am an Edmonton-based photographer, and 100% of my photos posted here are taken by me.

If you're following, thank you so much. I don't know what I'd do without all your loyal likes and reblogs! However, I don’t follow people who post nudity, and I only follow original photographers.

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One of my favourite photos lately.
-Queued, back in early August!-
-Queued, back in early August!-
-Queued, back in early August!-
Those trees.
-Queued, back in early August!-
Trees, looking up.
-Queued, back in early August!-
That light.
-Queued, back in early August!-
The light.
-Queued, back in early August!-
Nature’s web.
-Queued, back in early August!-
Close up.
-Queued, back in early August!-
BC forest walking.
Still queued! 
Raindrops-And thus begins my queue for the next three weeks-Between packing, moving, work and prepping for my trip this week, I won’t have time for tumblr, but I still have tons of photos from May to post. So, I will be queueing them. Photos of Mexico City will begin at the beginning of August once I get Internet figured out at the new place :) 

Copying tags?

Hey guys, question for you all ... is there a way to copy and past your tags so each time, I don't have to manually type in, #lensblr, #original photographers, #photographers on tumblr, ect.? If I copy all of them, they all come up as one. Know what I mean?

Hello!!, what theme you are using for your blog?

Hi! Check this out: there are some free ones as well as paid.